The most popular and highly performant chromium-based browser for your Java application

Create and embed web based UIs in your Java application with the best performance.

Runs on Windows 32/64-bit, macOS, and Linux 32/64-bit, JRE 1.8+

Built on an open source foundation

Based on the most popular Chromium open source project, which is used worldwide.

Cross Platform UIs

Develop and deliver the same user experience across all platforms and operating systems without requiring manual setup, OS dependant implementations, or duplicated efforts.

Modernize your Eclipse based application

Integrate modern HTML in Eclipse plugins and RCP products, giving a breath of life to Eclipse applications front-end with modern user experiences.

Fast apps, faster than before

Create fast apps with a small footprint and built-in best practices like hardware accelerated transitions, touch-optimized gestures, pre-rendering, and AOT compiling.

Enterprise support

We are always here to help you integrate Equo Chromium Enterprise in your application. Our team provides timely technical support you need to ensure your project's success.

The enterprise choice

100+ companies build web-based UIs using Equo Chromium for Desktop and embedded applications.

Best performance

Build high-performance UIs with the web framework you love.

Used in hundreds of java and Eclipse based apps

From high-tech and healthcare, to automobile and eBooks, Equo Chromium is used in many different industries.

Critical security updates & fixes

Keep your users protected with ongoing security updates and fixes that keep pace with OS releases, patches, and known vulnerabilities.

Guaranteed SLA

Timely support and troubleshooting when you need it most.

Regular release cycles

A release timeline you can count on, as opposed to a community maintainer’s schedule. Think days instead of months or years.

ARM support

Run your Java based apps on ARM 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.

32 bits support

Develop and build your modern UIs and deploy them in old 32 bits platforms or devices with low computing power.

Shipped with media codecs and Flash

All your app videos can be played thanks to Equo Chromium.

Access to extra CEF APIs & capabilities

Need access to extra CEF APIs? Our team works with you to provide those APIs in a timely manner.

Ready-to-use binary repositories

Consume an integrate Equo Chromium seamlessly by just setting a repository URL.

Headless browser support

Test your apps with our headless browser. Take screenshots, process your webpages, scrape web content, and more. The same performant browser, with no UI.

The heart of Equo Framework

Equo Chromium is the engine in which Equo Framework based all its great features and services.

How to use it?

Simple integration. Using and integrating Equo Chromium in your Java application is as simple as adding an import sentence and instantiating our browser. That's all.

Get started building your application in minutes