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modern client apps

Build modern web-based client apps faster for the desktop and for embedded systems, with a full-stack platform that seamlessly delivers them.

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One unified platform for the entire
software development lifecycle

Develop, build, test, sign, distribute, monitor, and reuse desktop and embedded applications.

Equo environment. Equo Framework connected to Equo App Manager

Automate your workflow and distribution strategy

No matter the development framework used, Equo App Manager builds
and ships applications at the pace of development.

Windows, Electron, Eclipse RCP, Equo Apps connected and managed by Equo App Manager


Continuous integration and continuous deployment can be correctly reached without effort.


Automated UI Testing with parallel testing execution.


Sign your application for every platform, and certify that it was actually created by your company.


Distribute your app with auto-generated installers for all operating systems and platforms.


Monitor your application behavior through Analytics and Error reporting.


Accelerate development speed by reusing pre-built web components and templates.

Get started building your application in minutes