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Price Free Custom Custom
License 100% Open Source: GPLv3 Commercial Commercial
App Starter
File System
Offline Support
Equo Chromium (SWT/ JavaFX/ Swing)
Up-to-date Chromium engine
32-bits Support
GTK2 and old SWT versions Support
Media codecs and Flash Support
ARM Support
Advanced and Custom Browser APIs
Real-time Java / Javascript communication
Cross Platform
Ready-to-use binary repositories
# Projects Unlimited One project Unlimited
Equo CLI
Auto-generated application-based IDE
Consulting and development services
Critical Security Updates & Fixes
Support Github community issues and Discord Standard Support Enterprise Support
Expert advisory services
Annual Design and Architecture Review
Software Release (***) Update to Latest 1 Years Long Term Support 5 Years Long Term Support
SLA No SLA Guaranteed SLA Guaranteed SLA

* Premium feature for intercepting browser requests and responses, in a secure and efficient way.

** Premium feature for high-performant, secure communication.

*** Does not apply to the Equo Chromium product.

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Why our customers buy

Commercial license

A commercial license ensures that our customers do not have to concern themselves with the obligations associated with GPL v3. The commercial license grants additional privileges without many of the restrictions associated with open source licenses. In addition to the peace of mind of a commercial license, customers also get the benefits associated with Equo's open source philosophy - namely freedom from lock-in, freedom to inspect and the comfort of knowing there is a great community committed to improve the product.

Expert development services

Speed up your company’s app development with a long-term solution that’s perfect for enterprise and backed by Equo experts. Our team helps you develop, build, secure, test, and distribute your applications and internal tools. Our solutions bring together the best of the open source world, plus premium products and services that help you go faster and meet your development goals.

Production Assurance

The main reason that our customers buy a commercial license is to have their enterprise applications ready for production. Their applications need to run on a secure, reliable engine, which frequently receives the last security updates and fixes. Our customers want the security and peace of mind of enterprise-grade support, the expertise we bring, the guaranteed response time and the efficiency of a direct-to-engineer engagement model.


  • Can I receive a free upgrade?

    Major and minor version upgrades issued during your active Standard or Enterprise subscription period are free of charge.

  • What are the licensing options available for the Equo products?

    Commercial License.
    GPLv3 Open Source license.

  • Do I have to purchase a commercial license for every Equo developer in our team?

    No. Equo commercial licenses can be used by any developer in your company.

  • Can I use one license for multiple projects?

    Both the Enterprise commercial license and the Open Source license can be used in multiple projects. However, the Standard commercial license can be used in only one project inside your company.

  • What kind of support is included in the commercial offerings?

    All commercial licenses come with Standard Email Support. The Standard subscription comes with a 72-hour response time, while the Enterprise subscription has a 24-hour response time. Besides, with the Enterprise subscription you have private 1:1 communication with an Equo expert, through a private chat or a video call.

  • Why and when do I need a license?

    Equo is dual-licensed under commercial and open-source licenses. The commercial Equo license gives users all the rights to create and distribute applications on their own terms without any open source license obligations. The Equo open source licensing is ideal for use cases such as open-source projects with open source distribution, hobby projects, academic purposes, internal tools without external distribution, or other projects where all GPLv3 obligations can be met.

  • Do I need to worry about GPLv3 when using a commercially licensed version of Equo?

    No. When using the commercially licensed version of Equo, we provide every Equo product under the commercial license terms.

  • What is Equo's commitment to Open Source?

    At Equo, we strongly believe in the philosophy of Open Source and collaborative development. Our software stack is licensed under General Public License Version 3 (GPLv3).

  • Does Equo have a Partner Services Program?

    Yes. Equo offers various partnership opportunities. For more information on how your organization can partner with the leading platform for modern client apps, please email us at:

  • How can I distribute my Equo applications?

    To ship applications faster and accelerate their distribution the best choice is App Manager. Please, request a demo (link to request a demo) to know more about it.

  • Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

    You can cancel your subscription at any time and won't be automatically renewed at the end of your current term.