Get started with Equo

Follow our step-by-step installation guide to get started with Equo.

Step 1: Install the CLI

Get the latest stable version of our command-line tool.


curl -o C:\Users\$env:UserName\AppData\Local\Microsoft\WindowsApps\equo.exe

Select a Platform:

Step 2: Create your first Equo App

Create a default Equo Application. To know more about application types, check out our docs.


equo create samplename

Step 3: Run your App

Now, you're ready to run your app. To start developing it, import it in your favorite IDE.


equo run samplename

What to consider

To get a commercial license and to not worry about the obligations associated with the GPLv3 license please contact our sales team.

Please note that you will be using an Equo open source license. Be sure you are in full compliance with the legal obligations of the GPLv3 license before creating your app. For more details see the pricing FAQ.