The open source framework for building modern client apps

Create modern, cross-platform, desktop and embedded applications with a web frontend.

Runs with any language that supports a JVM

The enterprises trust Equo

Equo is a modern cross-platform development framework which allows your team to develop and deploy a single cadebase across all platforms. This reduces development costs dramatically.

Build apps faster, with the tech you know

Use your favorite UI framework (React.js, Angular.js, Vue.js, etc) to develop a new modern web-based UI. Connect it to your backend code in a couple of seconds.

Equo CLI

Start right away developing, building, and uploading Equo apps with our CLI. The Equo CLI provides an easy-to-use interface to the whole Equo Platform.

Speed up your development and be productive

Use our community and our premium UI components and templates to accelerate the creation of new modern Equo applications.

Real native applications

Create your app and get a real native look-and-feel for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Open source

Use Equo Framework, existing code bases, and Java frameworks to develop you new backend application exploiting all the benefits of the open source world.

Develop Equo apps with Kotlin

Kotlin is fully supported for developing Equo apps, along with Java. The web views of your app can optionally be created with Kotlin as well. Boost your productivity with this modern programming language.

Reuse symbol. Code once, run anywhere.

Code once, run anywhere

Deploy a single code base on all platforms with the modular SDK that Equo provides. Reuse the legacy Java code of your applications or third-party libraries to obtain huge development savings.

HTML code converted to a desktop Equo Application.

A move to the desktop

How about converting your existing web app into a desktop one? With a few lines of code you can get a desktop version of your web app. Instantly. Tune your desktop app as you wish.

Modernize your business application

Equo not only provides the ability to create modern desktop applications from scrach, but it also allows you to easily migrate and modernize your old style application. It takes care of your code base, so you can reuse it and focus on the thing that matters, the UI.

Be productive from day one

In a matter of seconds your developers can have an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) ready to be used and that is specific to your application. Create, build, test, and deploy your Equo apps in just one place.

In-App documentation

Beautiful In-App end user documentation and interactive tutorials which are automatically generated from tests. No more outdated docs.

Embrace the new enterprise

Build Progressive Web Apps to create better user experiences for your business. Offer your users attractive online/offline desktop applications for your existing enterprise web systems, reusing your frameworks and stack.

Get started building your application in minutes